Introduction and Warning !!!!!

Below is the usual intro to any website. It gives the background/ services which we supply, and offers you a wealth of experience with every install. However what it does not give is the required "Ron" warning !!!

We have been in the business of car audio for over 40 years, specialising in audio/ visual solutions from classics through to the most modern vehicles on the forecourts today.
Ron has fine tuned what we call our suggested systems. These relate to any vehicle, and can be tailored to your requirements. We have found that the best system is the one which suits your needs, and more importantly your budget.
We recognise in today's market that any system must be cost effective, and this is why we take the time to ensure that the vehicle build is carried out in a way that can easily be restored by us, and reused for another install. We have a customer who is on his 5th car with the original equipment. Yes we do mean you Davie D.

Now The Warning Bit !!!!!

Those prospective customers yet to meet Ron must be warned. He is very old and now sporting a limp, set in his ways, eccentric, honest to the point of brutality and will spend "the right amount of time on your car until its to his standards" and then won't charge your for the extra time taken. He will not fit s**t (sub standard kit), and on occasion requires a translator (its that "Doric" thing).
He can always and we do mean always be bribed with food.

One day we will need to write a book about him.

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